How I Revive My Tourism Business During The COVID-19 Crisis with TM Tollfree

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TM TollFree service enables you to ease your existing and potential customers to reach your tourist agencies. How? By creating a simple, rememberable number which is zero cost for customers to use. Due to COVID-19, all tourist agencies need to shut their business temporarily. Thus, no cash flows towards the agencies. As Malaysia enters the recovery phase, people are encouraged to visit all places in Malaysia. 

Tollfree is currently one of the biggest things on the internet. You need to subscribe to TM Tollfree for your business. It’s the best tool when it comes to problem-solving and customer experience. Especially when you receive a ViSight report and RM1,500 worth of digital marketing packages for FREE. Its purpose is to enable businesses, like travel and tourist agencies, to have a conversation with their clients and to reply to their requests. 

Right now, people must be in a dilemma about picking the perfect travel destination. Visitors of your online travel or tourism site must need quick responses for their inquiries. That’s where Tollfree services come in, providing a way to respond to inquiries, assist visitors, and boost the overall engagement of your tourism website. 

Easy-to-Remember Tollfree Number! 

Tourism businesses should subscribe to Tollfree services now. It’ll be useful during this recovery phase for visitors to reach your business. Tourism marketing campaign with a Tollfree number shown to be more profitable than the one that doesn’t own a Tollfree number. A tollfree number is well-known for its rememberable number. 

Based on research that resulted in 72% of people precisely recalled vanity numbers after a 30-second advertisement while only a 5% recall rate for advertisement with a normal numeric number. To ensure that your customers or potential customers to reach your tourism business first, it’s necessary to get a Tollfree number during this period to get ahead of your competitors! 

Boost customer experience 

Customer experience is a part where Tollfree services have the most important influence and bring the major value to a business. When a customer requires guidance with their travel arrangement, it’s most likely they’ll turn to look for advice through a phone call. 

You can improve customer experience exponentially by making it possible for customers to talk to a travel agent over the phone. Moreover, it provides answers to all their queries, travel plans, and bookings directly from a reliable source. That’s what is good customer experience all about, and Tollfree makes it possible. 

Offers fast responses to customers inquiries 

Traveling is not as easy as it looks. People need to consider a lot of details, which makes the whole booking process filled with inquiries that require immediate answers. When it comes to a phone call, customers can get them immediately, without having to send an email inquiry. 

Based on TM ViSight reporting, tourism businesses can optimise resources by envisioning the timing of incomplete calls to ensure that every call is answered, thereby providing fast responses to customers’ inquiries. For instance, the Time of Day report provides the call volume details at every hour. It lets you find ways to re-allocate your staff and resources based on the results you receive and make the most use of them. 

Benefits of Time of Day Report:  

  • The more precise allocation of resources  
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction  
  • Improving Net Promoter Scores (NPS) 

It’s also the best way to sustain your customers and assure you that they’ll come back to use your service. You can say that a customer will suggest your tourism business to others and bring in new customers. 

In a nutshell, Tollfree services can help tourism businesses to revive after the COVID-19 crisis. Everything is possible for tourism businesses to handle if they subscribe to a Tollfree. Don’t miss this chance! Get your Tollfree number today and receive a Digital Marketing package worth up to RM1,500. For further inquiries regarding Tollfree, call us at 1800 22 2020 or click to chat with SITI at 

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